Vision Adolescent Services has an unprecedented track record when it comes to our youth transport service. We are often called upon to transport at-risk youth as they transition to or from a specialized program or facility. The venues may vary (home, wilderness program, residential treatment center, hospital, etc.), but our goal is always the same: to provide trained, compassionate professionals to facilitate the transition. We have a team of primary & secondary agents, located throughout the United States and are available 24/7/365. We strive diligently to arrange safe transportation and a therapeutic transition to the new environment.

Experience makes the difference:
We have safely and compassionately transported thousands of children, teens and young adults. We are prepared to appropriately interact with each individual, whether they are compliant, resistant, or outright defiant.
Our agents have received extensive training and their mission is to apply those skills appropriately, even when dealing with especially difficult situations.

We will handle all the logistics, including domestic and international travel, to minimize stress and expense.
Our focus remains doing what is best for the youth in our care. Because each case is unique, so are the fees for our services. Before you contract with us, we will provide you with an estimate.

To arrange professional, compassionate transport for your child, simply contact us. We are available 24/7/365. We will immediately initiate the steps necessary to assist with the safe transition of your child.


VAS has over 23 years of experience in the special skills, knowledge and resources needed to find missing or runaway teens. With the support of our caring staff, we can establish a clear plan to locate your child quickly and safely.

We’ll use a full arsenal of tools to conduct a missing teen search.
We work with you and with law enforcement.
Our network of agents and resources will support the search, both here and abroad, if necessary.
We are available for contact 24 hours a day to get a search underway.
We will be there for you every step of the way.

Temporary Holding

Temporary Holding is a solution for parents in need of removing their child from home before a program is ready for enrollment. In many instances, this service is required when a child is out-of-control and may cause harm to themselves or others.

Our agents will safely transport your child to a safe and accommodating holding facility.

VAS offers Temporary Holding from a minimum of 1 to 3 days.

18 & Over Intervention

A crisis intervention is a safe option that parents or guardians have when they are trying to place their young adult into a wilderness, residential, or other type of therapeutic program.

This intervention is most commonly considered for young adults who are treatment resistant; however, it can also be beneficial for those entering treatment willingly but need extra support and encouragement.

The purpose of the intervention itself is not to solely transport them but also to allow them to more effectively transition from their parents to the program. We are able to help your son or daughter recognize that treatment is needed and to embrace the benefits of entering a therapeutic program.

The involvement of a professional intervention service can greatly increase the willingness and openness of your young adult when they arrive to the program.