Compassion is our Mission. Parents and referring professionals have chosen Vision Adolescent Services for many years for this simple reason: we have the people, skills and knowledge to support at-risk youths and their families during a difficult time. We are dedicated and always have the best interests of your child in mind. By respectfully focusing on reducing their fear and anger, we are able to improve their emotional readiness to embrace the experience they are about to encounter.

Here is how you and your child are professionally supported:

  • INTENSIVE TRAINING: Our primary agents have received training in Verbal De-escalation , Dealing with Substance Abuse, understanding ADD/ADHD, ODD, and other diagnoses.
  • TREATING THE CHILD AS AN INDIVIDUAL: Agent assignments are guided by the information we receive from those who know the child best, including parents, therapists, school or program personnel and educational consultants.
  • ROUND-THE-CLOCK COMMUNICATION: Our goal is to keep you fully informed every step of the way, and we are available for personal communication 24/7/365.
  • OUR NATIONWIDE NETWORK: With qualified primary and secondary agents throughout much of the United States, we can respond quickly in times of crisis.
  • OVER 23 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: As pioneers in this field, we are prepared to respond to unique contingencies and can tailor our services to meet your child’s needs.
  • FOCUS ON THE CHILD: Every VAS agent with whom you deal has the welfare of your child as top priority.
  • OUR COMMITMENT TO NON-VIOLENCE: We know from experience that even violently oppositional adolescents can be verbally de-escalated and transported without physical restraint.
  • OUR ASSURANCE OF PROFESSIONALISM: We offer a full profile of liability coverage, insurance, professional licensing, and Trustline certification.